1 G2 frame avail now. 2021 Airborne BMX Geronimo 2  aluminum version
  • 1 G2 frame avail now. 2021 Airborne BMX Geronimo 2 aluminum version

    "1" G2-29- FRAME ONLY is available now. Only 1. How many? 1 peeps. Comes only in raw.  Only 1 is available. First come first get. $1,000 plus shipping. Don't sleep on it again. 2021 year of the Geronimos. 
    We will be making more in future just not sure how afar away. 
    10 - 26 's with the yess reach fork next  those pretty much spoken for too. 
    5 - 24 ,s same deal with forks they are in the airborne compound. 
    10 -20/16 Geronimo pit bikes with 22in top tube roughly. 
    So proud to announce the second frame set by Airborne BMX. Welded by the master himself Sal C.  We will start with 25 - 29’s. Plus 15 - 26’s. We will continue them with more of both plus a rad 16’ pit bike with 21’ top tube and using 20’ forks. Forks are coming from YESS. They are the Reach model with 1 1/8 steer tubes and press in style cup assembly. 31.6 mm seat post. The top tube is 22.5 long on the 26’s.  23.5 on the bigger 29’s.  This aluminum version will be as close as possible to G1. American bottom bracket. The geometry from G1 is already true and tested. Almost all current G owners and various test riders say its solid and ready to smash. Super fun to ride. Most are sold but theres a few left. Please reach out to me if you’d like one of these history making american cruisers. 
    We will be making 10 of the 20/16 pit bikes. 
    24 also will or pre make 5 but can take more orders if needed. 
    Deposits are being taken now.
    Don’t miss out again. Pre order yours. 
    Basic powder frame and fork are $1,000. $950 for raw.  
    $900 so cal locals discount. Same deal as above. $850 for raw. 
    Current Geronimo owners make sure contact me first for the best discount available. 
    $450 for them liquid dipped. Frame and fork. 
    Once these start hitting the streets. We will be creating the first ever. Airborne BMX Geronimo street team.(more info coming soon) 
    A BMX will also start the A - BMX race team. 
    Pretty exciting things happening at the Airborne BMX compound. 
    Once again you will be receiving a lighter version of the current G1 since we are getting both frame and fork in aluminum. No bars.  About exactly half the weight. You’ll need a parachute perhaps 🪂🪂.  😆. 
    “Blood wings” are strongly suggested when f n f is received. If your down let me know. Google it. 
    They will be stamped but not limited for now. 
    Also 24 can be made as well.  
    Thank you for your support since day 1. 
    Airborne BMX 
    U.S. Paratrooper
    A veteran owned company.